Are there Health benefits to marble?

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So you try to live a healthy lifestyle. You eat right, exercise and keep stress to an all time low; but what is surrounding you in your home could not be so healthy for you.

Over the years there has been a lot of talk of radiation danger from granite countertops, the bacteria prone marble floors and the revolting thought of having porcelain tiles filled with lead. It seems that for every study that says one thing, there is another saying the exact opposite.

A few tips for a healthy tile

  • Know where your material comes from
  • Find out its exact intended use
  • Follow guidelines provided by the manufacturer
  • When in doubt opt for natural, not man made

The above tips are a good starting point in trying to choose your next “healthy” floor or countertop. 

Also don’t be so quick to jump on the fashion bandwagon. New products that promise 100% or No- Toxic claims should always be carefully evaluated. Do your research, and then do some more research. If you are working with an interior designer or builder, make sure to tell them your concerns or what you may have heard. Also, your friends, family and neighbors may also be a very good source of insightful information. 

You work hard to keep you and your family safe from the things around you and your floors and counter tops should not be an exception. Remember looks only go so far, its what’s inside that matters. Stay safe!


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