Legno Anticato – A new look with an old world feel

Antico Stone

Antico Stone, located in Pompano Beach, FL has recently released its new line of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) called Legno  Antico. Made from durable vinyl and designed for heavy traffic, this LVT is breath taking in both function and design. Available in 5 wood inspired colors like, Oak Creek, Oak Ranch, Platinum Oak, Silver Hickory and Boulder Hickory. 

The advantages of using LVT for both residential and commercial are many. Here are just a few.

The Top 5 Benefits of LVT Flooring

1. Durability: LVT is designed and manufactured with one main goal; TO TAKE A BEATING. These tiles are perfect for high traffic area and perfect against the elements. Moisture restance, heavy traffic and even heat resistance, makes this flooring the perfect choice for residential kitchens and commercial projects.
2. Easy Installation: No worries here about the cost of installing these tiles. Unlike marble, tile or even porcelain, installation is very economical because they are easy to install, with a much faster installation compared to regular time. So if you are on a tight deadline for a project, consider LVT flooring.
3. Price: LVT flooring is currently one of the most economical flooring options on the market. Couple the already low price of vinyl flooring with a low cost of installation, you have a great flooring option for budget conscious projects around the house.
4. Design: With more advanced manufacturing of LVT tiles, more design options are becoming available. Like Antico Stone’s Legno Anticato, you are no longer stuck with plain vinyl dull colors. The Legno Anticato collection brings the color and design versatility of wood like tile with the advantages of a vinyl flooring.
5. Maintenance: Who wants to slave over a floor? No one! Besides being a great option for high traffic area, LVT tiles tend to be more resistant to cleaning chemicals, making them much easier to clean and maintain.


For more information on Antico Stone’s Legno Anticato collection, visit www.anticostone.com or call them at 866-826-8426


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