Traveling the Calacatta and Carrara Paths

Have you ever come across this exotic place for you to enjoy a wonderful vacation or are you still unenlightened of the unparalleled features of a place called where Calacatta and Carrara marble are quarried? A place surrounded by nature, exquisite mountains, and alluring valleys in Tuscany, Italy, the foot of the Alps Mountains is a magnificent chunk of heaven on Earth. A treat for the people who are enamored by the breathtaking illusions from the past. 

While there are seven wonders in the world but, this place being nothing less than a wonder.


Keeping its importance due to the scenic views and impressive ambiance aside we cannot undermine its importance as a marble quarry. As noticed the place has been named after one of the most esteemed marbles in the world. Calacatta and Carrara marble are the epitome of all the marbles, some of the the most expensive and demanded marbles in  present day. Italy has been bestowed with a surreal and astonishing abundance of this marble. 

Looked at from a distance the high peaked mountains seem to be snow-capped but in actual they are entirely made up of marble, which is no more than a delusion to the human eye. Marble carving has its roots from the ancient Roman period and due to its unmatched history, Carrara marble quarries produce marble more than any other place on the Earth.

It results in generating revenue worth one billion as the stone has been extracted here for centuries. A hefty amount of marble is imported into the United States every year.


The pristine hundreds of years old are remarkable, a self-contained universe of white gold covering the mountain top. The Carrara marble quarries have been featured in one of the movies of none other than James Bond, which clearly defines the beauty and the aesthetic view of the place. 

A trip through the steep marble roads to the deep bowels of the mountain to view an underground quarry is mesmerizing and, no doubt a thrilling experience. As far as your sight can go you can feel the exclusive vibe of the place.


The white marble mountains will keep you astonished however, it’s not the only source to grab your attention. It is more than mere a historical excursion.

  • The wildlife and nature of the Carrara marble quarries will make you fall in love with the natural surroundings.
  • As you pass by the streets you come across the architecture tinted by the right colors which makes a person believe that a place like this really do exist.
  • Meeting the friendly, welcoming and loving people would add up to your cultural experience, and not to forget the people have a really good sense of humor so one must be ready to face a life changing experience.
  • Going on a trip you can definitely not forget about the food, so here is another reason Carrara is the best and obvious choice to make. It has one of the finest and succulent food restaurants with the best quality which would make your taste buds remember that food forever.

This is just a brief overview of the spots to visit. There is so much in actual. Just take some time to book your flights and have the best times of your lives because one should definitely not miss a chance to visit the miraculous Carrara and Calacatta marble quarries for a cherished life-long memory. An experience one wont regret.


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